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$ sudo apt install aptitude


Add the following to /etc/apt/apt.conf

Aptitude::Suppress-Read-Only-Warning "true";
Aptitude::UI::InfoAreaTabs "true";
Aptitude::UI::Menubar-Autohide "true";
Aptitude::UI::Minibuf-Download-Bar "true";

// Add the source of package in the list and status bar
Aptitude::UI::Package-Display-Format "%c%a%M%S %p %t# %Z %r %I %v %V";
Aptitude::UI::Package-Status-Format "%d %O# %D %I";

// Remove the Tasks section
Aptitude::UI::Default-Grouping "status,section(subdirs,passthrough),section(topdir)";

// Ubuntu already provide this setting in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/00aptitude
// Only needed if you want to use sudo on other distributions
Aptitude::Get-Root-Command "sudo:/usr/bin/sudo";