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Dnssec-Trigger is a program that you can install on your computer to make sure you DNS queries are validated using DNSSEC.


# apt install dnssec-trigger

Then you can launch the program dnssec-trigger-panel that will allow you to get a status icon in the notification area. It will also be able to show you confirmation if your input in required.


From now on Dnssec-Trigger will secure your DNS queries automatically. It will chose automatically the best solution to enable DNSSEC and update it if network conditions changes.

In case it is unable to secure your connection, it will prompt you for your input. Most common use case is Wi-Fi hotspots where you need to sign before accessing the internet. Dnssec-Trigger is able to detect them, show you the login page, wait for you to sign-in and the enable DNSSEC.


You can test if DNSSEC was enabled by opening https://dnssectest.sidnlabs.nl/ in your browser.